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Sassy Secrets - Exsposed!!!

Me, Me, Me, Me!! All About ME!
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This page is dedicated to my sweet babies!!
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I Love it! I Love It, I Love It!!!!
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Me, Me, Me, Me!! All About ME!

This is the wounderful world of Shannan

Well as you may know by now my name is Shannan Ryan. I have been known to answer to Lil Shan as well.

I'm married to a Great guy, Mark. Whom I love with all my heart, and on occasion with my body too!! (I will tell you all about how I met him later)

I have two dogs and one cat, Pancho, Pepper, Griffy.
Having animals is much easier than the real thing.

I have 3 brothers, Vic, J.C. & Michael. One sister, Bridie.

I am also blessed with a bunch of great friends, who you will regularly hear me talk about!!

I love to go to movies, Mark & I go out on a date every Sunday to the movies. This is our special time together. Isn't that sweet??

And as you can tell by my page I'm Sassy all the way down to the bone!

Turn Ons:

chocolate, talking, girls that kick ass (like me), friends, my babies, movies, music, my sister, things that are pretty, fairies, basically everything sugar & spice & everything nice!

My hero: Mickey Mouse

My heroine: Wonder Women

My hearts desire: Eternal Bliss